Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday 16th: 3am Insomnia Run

I took Sunday off to rest up for what I knew was going to be a big week.  With the 5k being only a few days away, the plan was to take the morning class Monday, go to toning on Tuesday, do the abs portion of Wednesday's class and run outside, and Thursday run a practice 5k on the track, before taking Friday off to rest.  However, for some reason I just could not get to sleep on Sunday night.  I watched a really good documentary: Run For Your Life: The Fred Lebow Story.  I am not sure if that just amped me up or if I just had a lot on my mind, but I couldn't get to sleep, so at a round 3am I gave up and went for a run. 

It was very peaceful and allowed me to just relax and appreciate my neighborhood.  It felt really good to just give up on the idea of sleep and put my mind to running.  I turned on my I-pod and listened to The : The Black Keys Brothers Cd, which is great for running.  I ran just shy of 3 miles in 30mins.  It was a great run with two decent size hills, and there was very little traffic on the roads, a few cars, some cyclists and a couple making out on a porch were the only other people out at that time.  By the time I got home, I felt pretty good and knew that I would be able to sleep once I stretched, showered, and cooled down.

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