Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May 25th: Body Power Class -- Hell Day Triceps

This was a kick ass class. . . . She stright killed our Triceps!!!!!  Hands down one of the toughest workouts that I have had in a long time. This was the first time that I have taken this class or this instructor (Liz). My wife went to the class last week an told me that it was really tough, but I figured that here idea of tough would not be anywhere near mine. Why did I think this? Looking back on it, I would be hard to give you another answer than I thought that my morning workout class were a lot tougher than anything that my wife has been doing recently. But, I should have realized that my wife is still in pretty good shape, and could handle those morning class if she wanted to get up and take them. Sometimes we get a bit of a big head and then something comes a long and sets you straight, and Body Power Class did that for me.

The class is not tough because the exercises are that difficult or because we use a massive amount of weight. In actuality, Body Power is very similar to your average toning class. However, the difference is entirely the instructor. Liz is a really good instructor because her workout are well designed. She focuses upon related muscle groups and moves around the class checking of form. She also makes sure that her students take their time with each rep, so that the end up with an intense workout rather that letting the students blitz through the reps, which cuts down the impact of the exercise. This is only possible because she does not look at this class as paid workout for her. She is clearly an instructor, who is the to teacher her students how to workout.

This class used two sets dumbbells, body bars, and risers, which is a very manageable amount of equipment. It is very annoying to be in class where the instructor tries to use every piece of equipment in the gym. Another reason why Body Power class was so difficult was that I am not use to this type of muscle workout and chose my weights poorly. I went with 9lbs and 6lbs dumbbells and an 18 lbs Body-bar because I wasn't expecting there to be as much focus upon each muscle. Next time I will be much better prepared. However, I am not sure when I'll be able to take the class again because it is right in the middle of the day, so I need to take off from work to go to the class.  I was sore for three days following this workout.  She really hit hard on our triceps and hip felxors.

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