Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tuesday June 1st: Toning Class

The insomnia caused by my medication has made the morning class a bit difficult to get to, which is why I have been coming later in the day.   But, I am glad because I've been going to some classes that I haven't attended in the past.  This was the first time that I have gone to Bryan's evening Toning class, and I really enjoyed it.  He did a very good mix of exercises both with and without weights.  The class was really crowded, so there was very little aerobics involved, which is nice because it is a toning class and not an aerobics class!  As always, Bryan did a good warm before the workout and a nice streach at the end.  We mainly used dumbells and the body bar.  This class is a lot like Liz's class; however, her class seemed to be more concentrated when it came to working muscle groups.  This class is more of a whole body workout.

I used 9lb dumbbells for all of the weight exercises (the were not enough body bars).  We did a total of 50 push ups which were interspersed throughout the class, and we did a nice ab session at the end that featured a lot of bicycles, which I hate!  However, I could se a marked improvement in my ability to do them.  I think that I will be taking this class more often.  I need to focus more on toning, so I think that this class will fit me well.

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