Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thurs June 17: Plycore -- Reaching for Something New

This morning while I was working out, something happened, and the world seemed to only consist of me, the little stretch of road that I was running on, and the patch of blue sky above. I have heard that some people find there to a spiritual side of running and other people speak of a runners high. I am not sure that I know enough about what I am feeling yet to say that it is either of these, but something is happen. Each time that I run and really start to push myself, my mind just begins to relax, but my focus becomes more intense. I just get this amazing feeling of clarity and all of my thoughts seem so clear. And when I am running outside, I begin to notice things in a greater detail: the colors of the sky standout and I notice the sounds and smells around me much more than I have. I can explain the feeling of peace that comes to me as I am pushing myself farther and harder than I ever have in my life. I am sure that a skeptical person would say that this is just a chemical reaction caused by the release of adrenaline into my system, and that may be true, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that I am beginning to feel a power, strength, and peace within myself that I have never experienced. Honestly, I feel like I am starting to unshackle the person within me that I always dreamt of being.

The workout:

Two short laps around the building (warm up)

6 flights of stairs up and down
10 Push ups
15 dips
10 kettlebell squat thrusts
5 Chin-ups
10 lunges each leg with 10lbs weights
Sprints: High knees, Butt kicks, wind print up the driveway
1 long lap

26 flights of stairs up & down.

I finished this workout, but those stairs and sprints crushed me.

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