Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monday May 31: Momorial Day -- Feeling Festive

There wasn't a morning class offered because the Y was opening an hour later and closing early due to the holiday, so I organized a workout with some of the regulars from my class.  Four of us got together at around 6:30am and did a 12 days of Christmas.  These 12 days workouts are my favorite because I can notice easily when my proformace begins to drop off, and I need to pick up the pace and drive to the finish.

  1. Grand Tour
  2. sprint (width of a basketball court)
  3. step ups (each leg)
  4. Bird dogs (each side)
  5. burpees
  6. Prisoner squats with leg up
  7. crunches
  8. dips
  9. pushups
  10. Arm extensions
  11. Mt. Climbers
  12. Bicycles
I completed this in just under an hour and was a giant sweaty mess!

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