Friday, June 11, 2010

Thusday June 10th: Plycore -- Bacon and Eggs Run

Plycore continues to be my favorite at the Y because it is where my progress is most apparent to me. It was the first morning class that I attended, and the class always conjures up the memory of just how out of shape I was on that first morning. Today's class was not the killer that I thought I would be when I saw it on the board before class, but it did present its own unique challenge. Yesterday morning was humid but breezy, so running outside was too bad at first, until we passed by the hotel that sit a top the little hill we have to run up when we do our long lap. We passed by the hotel just as they were cooking up the morning breakfast. The air was thick with the smell of bacon and grease during the first lap. And on the second, it was worse because I was more tired from having just run up the hill for the second time, so I was sucking in big Hoover breaths just as the wind died down leaving that thick grease cardiac arrest incusing air to just fill my lungs. After about the big breaths I thought that I was going to spew! I felt like I was running through the kitchen of the Waffle House. Luckily, I was able to keep the contents of my stomach where they belong and continue with the workout. The rest of which was fine except trying to do Pull-ups with a sprained an d swollen finger is not fun in the slightest . . . Damn You Bosu (see my last post)!!!!!!!!!

The Workout:

2 Long Laps with a Sprints, Butt Kicks, and High Knees of the smaller driveway hillside beside the Y between the laps.

200 Crunches
100 Squats
100 Arm Extensions
50 Push ups
50 Dips
30 Chin-ups (damn you Bosu)
30 step ups (each leg)
10 Box Jumps
24 flights of stairs up and down
60 sit ups

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