Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday June 29th: Toning Class -- Home Alone Workout

I thought long and hard about skipping this class.  I really really wasn't sure about it, but as the day went on I changed my mind because I didn't want to go home to an empty house right after work.  My wife is out of the country, so I figured that if I went right after work it would just make the night longer, so I forced myself to suck it up and go to Toning class. 

I felt worn down from the weekend and Monday's class just didn't go that well, so I thought that I might need to take a day off.  I also knew that I planned to go to Sports Conditioning in the morning on Wednesday morning, which would mean that I would being do two workouts in around 12 hours.  In addition, my Achilles felt a lot better all day on Tuesday, and I was wondering if I should push it or give it some rest.  But the Toning class has no running and the Sports Conditioning class has very little running, so I thought that these two classes really wouldn't stress my Achilles that much.  This combined with the prospect of full night alone prompted my class attendance. 

I was glad that I went almost as soon as I got there.  The class was exactly what I needed.  Lots of abs work along with a good upper body workout.  We did lots of push ups, bicycles, and other ab exercises throughout the class.  I really like that this class is a very focused class with everyone staying together and doing the same exercises.  Most of the other classes that I go to don't keep everyone together, so it is nice to have one that does.  I don't want all of my classes to do that, but it is go for a change of pace.  Also, it allows you to work on form a lot more because you don't need to push yourself to keep up with your classmate. Focusing on form is much more important in a toning class than the number of reps you can blitz through, so keeping everyone going at the same pace appropriate for this class.  Also, it is nice to be able to check you form against your classmates because some people do different variations of the same exercise based upon their level, so it gives you someone options as to who follow.  I felt really good after the class and took some time to ice my Achilles after class, which I think helped. 

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