Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weds. May 26th: Sports Agility Class -- Light Workout Day

I felt fine most of the day on Tuesday after Liz's class, but Wednesday was a whole different animal. My abs were tight and on the border of sore, as were my quads, but my triceps were pretty much right in the middle of the land of soreness, which is a good thing. But, it was a contributing factor in why a chose not to go to the morning sports conditioning class and to take the new sports agility class that was being offered for the first time. I didn't want to do a two-a-day, and I recently started taking some medication that that gives you insomnia, which will be limiting my morning classes for the next couple of weeks, so I just thought that all sign were pointing towards taking this new class.

The class itself was nothing all that difficult, and you could tell that the instructor was inexperienced because the pace of the workout was not that great, but that was to be expected considering it was the first time she taught the class. She led us on a short run to a little field and a pavilion that are part of the Y. Once we were there we did a little stretch, and proceeded with the class. The workout was broken into three or four segments, which consisted of three exercises that we did for 30 second intervals. After completing one round of each exercise, we repeated each exercise before moving to the next segment. I can't recall all of the exercises, but I know that we did Push ups, step up, jumping jacks, lunges, squats, some kind of strange ski walking thing, sprints & back peddles, and dips (exactly what my triceps need consider the ass kicking they took the day before . . . oh well!).
The thing that I liked most about this class was that it took place outside. I really liked that because I hate air conditioning!! My wife and I don't use it in our apartment, and I hate the way my office cranks it up, so it was nice to workout in a natural environment and feel the sun instead of O-so natural fluorescence of the gym lights. Also so I like being able to look up and see blue sky rather than some talking head on one of the 8,000 TV screen in the Y, which are ALWAYS on 24 news stations unless there is a sports event. the only thing that I didn't like about being outside was doing push-ups in the dirt because sometime I am a dainty little flower!

Basically, Sports Agility Class was a nice change of pace that came right when I needed it most. I doubt that it will become a mainstay of my work regime, but it might be something that I throw in every so often just to mix things up.

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