Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tuesday June 22: PM Toning Class

I like this class.  I went to it with my wife once again.  Bryan's class has a really good pace, and he keeps the class working together.  We used both the body bar and Dumbbells again, and I went with the 18lbs bar and the 8lb weights.  The class is an hour long but the time flies by rather quickly.  Today we really worked our abs and our arms, both of which I needed because I did a lot of running the week before.  I really needed a good ab workout.  Once again the bicycles were the featured exercise of this class.  Bryan really stresses that we do them slowly which makes them much more effective, and I like that he doesn't tell us how many to do or for how long.  He just say to do them until he says start, which is great because when you tell someone to do 50, they just sprint to 50, which is ineffective.  This is quickly becoming one of my favorite classes.

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