Friday, June 18, 2010

Monday June 14th: Plycore -- Listening to the Voice in my Head

Ok . . . I didn't finish Monday's Plycore class. But, I am happy that I stopped because I listened to the little voice in my head, which tells when no good can come from what you are about to do. Now, I have had this feeling before, and over the course of my life, I've learned to trust this voice. And, it has taken a fair amount of blood, swelling, and pain to teach me the value of this voice. You may have guessed that there is a back-story so hear it you go. When I was in college, I loved racquetball and played three days a week for two hours (one hour of class and one hour of fun).

Well, On this one day, I was finishing up my second hour and the guy that I was playing with was screwing around more and more and I decided that I had had enough, so I started to leave. I was packing up when he and our coach asked if I would stay and play one game of cut throat (a three player game). And I remember it clearly, it was like one of those moments in a film when the actions stops and the main character address the viewers and tells them that he know that he is about to make a horrible choice and that he should do the exact opposite of what he thinking, and then when the action starts back up he does exactly what he know is going to lead him to no good. I remember thinking: "Man, just go home. You have some much stuff to do and this guy has been pissing you off for the last hour. Nothing good can come out of this." Did I listen? Well you can guess. We play a few points, and then the Jackass I had been playing against tries to make this crazy shot that had no hope of turning out well, traps me up against the back wall, and hits me right in the face with his racquet, braking my nose, and giving me a nice concussion, which would take me six months to recover from.

So now when that little voice even whisper, "hey dude, what you are about to do might not be the best idea." I try to give it all the credence they deserve. I treat these words like they came for out a discussion between Plato, Aristotle, Einstein, Newton, and Lance Armstrong. And during Mondays Plycore class this little voice decided that it had a lot to say. The workout stared just fine two long laps, but after that we started jumping up the stairs, which I did but wasn't happy about it because my Achilles and knees we already sore from the run. As I did the stair, I just kept thinking the risk to reward ratio on this was out of whack. After we finished the stairs we went back to the gym where there were some benches and risers set up from highest to lowest, and the class member were lining up. We were going to jump on the highest bench then step down, do some squats, and then jump on the next lowest bench or riser. I looked at this for a few seconds, and that was when that voice just said to me "you know best case, you fall off and break an arm or worst case, you rupture your Achilles, but you know, it up to you." I just thought about for half second, looked at the clock, and saw that we only had 15 mins left, therefore I just thought that I could use some extra stretching time. I don't know if the voice was right or wrong, and I never will for sure, but I don't care because it isn't worth the risk.

The Workout:

Two Long Laps (warm up)

Junp up the stairs as many stairs at one time as you can (two flights)
Run a lap on the track (1/15 of a mile)
Jump up the stairs diagonal each step (two flights)
Run a lap on the track (1/15 of a mile)
Run up and down the stairs (four flights)
Run a lap on the track (1/15 of a mile)
Sprint up the stairs two at a time
Run a lap on the track (1/15 of a mile)


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