Friday, June 11, 2010

Weds. June 9th: Triple Threat -- Jump Rope, Bosu, and Toning Express Classes

Well, here is the good news, I came away from all of this with only a sprained middle finger. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to do all of this, but I enjoyed . . . some of it . . . The Jump Rope Class was fun. 30 min. class 3 jump sections and 3 ab & push up sections. It was pretty fun, and I am getting much better at the push ups.

Next up was the Bosu . . . I hate the Bosu! I only took this class because my wife wanted to do it, so we can file this under the the heading of "Stupid Crap that I have done because of a Woman!" This was a lot of aerobics, tons of step ups, and squats on the Bosu. By the way, Bosu's are not ment to be used by a man my size (of by a man for that matter) because every time that I jumped on the damn trhing I thought that I was going to impale my self into the ceiling. This was 30 mins of pure terror, and I never want to do this again.

Last, I took a Toning Express Class 15 mins of Toning . . . On the terror ball bosu!! We did more squats, lunges, push-ups, dips, hopping. It was during this part of class that I sprained my finger. We went from doing push ups to dips on our bosu and mine was really sweaty from chest hitting it, and my hand slipped while I was in the midst of a dip causing all of my finger to slide in different directions (none of which were intended to go!). The only thing that I liked about my 45 mins with the devil device bosu was the portion of class when we had to pick it up and hold it over our heads.

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