Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Morning Circuit Class 6:am to 7:15am + 30 min Jump rope

I got to the gym early enough to go to the Muscle class that is offered at 5 am, but I decided to Jump rope in the gym on my own for 30 minutes. I was still kind of sore from Thursdays and just thought that skipping rope would be better. After skipping rope, I joined the Circuit Class. This weeks exercises included:

one legged box jumps
jumping jacks
incline push ups on stability ball
leg raises
side planks
ski mobiles
jumping lunges
bridge hamstring curl on stability ball
roman chair
ball touches
and a type of crunch I can't describe and don't remember the name of at this time (edit to come)

in between each station we did 30 second intervals exercise:
jumpees (twice)
alternating lunges
jumping jacks
high knees
butt kicks

This was a pretty good workout. The stability ball exercises were difficult to do, and I'll need to work on them. I still don't enjoy ski mobiles. But overall, this was a good workout to end the week on. I was gassed at all like on Thursday. I just felt good.

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