Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wed. Sports Conditioning: My Peek Into the type A World

This class reminds me every week that I do not have a Type A personality. I am the type of person that will stop in the middle of my workout to explain to a new person what we are doing, and I think that is a pretty good thing, but this class also makes me wonder what it would be like to be that the type of person who would have a closet like the the ones that you see on design Blogs.
Now, I know that I will never be that person.  Hell, I am struggling just to make sure that I get my dirty clothes in the basket (my wife nearly has me trained).  I am a somewhat competitive person, but I know that I am nowhere near the level of the  people in this class.  However, there is something deep inside me that dreams of the day that I just breeze past to the front of the class.  However, that day was not today. 

I had to take an off-day yesterday, which did give my body a pretty good rest, but my neck is still sore. It didn't interfere with this workout, but did stiffen up after class. I plan on flipping my mattress and putting on some sports cream to night. This class really seems to be getting less difficult, and I am no longer the last person to complete the class. Granted, I am still nowhere near all of the type A personality people, but I am still am not skipping me reps, so I feel like I am making pretty good progress.

I fell behind during the ab portion of the class and on the burpees but was able to make up some time on the dips, jump rope, and stairs. Interestingly enough the Leg Raises and Step Ups are really getting less difficult. I need to keep working my glutes and hamstrings, so that these exercises will not cause me any problems. On a side note, there is a lot of murmuring in this class not just about the Type A's but the people skipping reps as well, which is leading to a lot of under the breathe comments, and I must admit that I am one of the people making the comments when it come to people skipping reps more so that the type A's.  I personally don't mind the Type A people that much because they just push me to improve, but some other people in the class can't stomach their competitiveness. It doesn't bother me because I am competitive too but just not vocal at this point.

Today's Workout
back extensions: 25
300 ab reps different styles
fire hydrants: 25 each leg
forearm break down push & standard pushup: 10 each
back extensions: 25
jump squats 30
10 Burpees with 10 mt. climbers at the bottom of each one
walking lunges across the width of two basketball courts
Dips 15
Incline Push up 10
resistance bands - standing biceps curls: 25
High knees the width of two basketball courts
jump rope 100 skips
set up 20 each leg
suicide down the gym
resistance bands - standing biceps curls: 25
resistance bands -  kickbacks: 25
dips 15
incline pushups 10
2 flights of stairs
2 laps around the track
6lbs weights - standing biceps curls: 25
6lbs weights - kick backs
6 lbs weights side & foreward laterals - 25 each
15 dips
High knees the width of two basketball courts
one legged Jump rope 50 skips each leg
jumping  lunges 30
Roman Chair 1 min.
Heel raises 25 each leg
Side leg raises 25 each leg
one legged roman chairs 20 sec each leg
Butt kicks width of two basketball courts
2 flights of stairs
2 laps around the track
6 lbs weights - standing biceps curls: 25
6 lbs weights - kick backs
6 lbs weights side & foreward laterals - 25 each
15 dips
one legged raises 20 (each leg) **sit on a chair, or a bench and try to stand up using only one leg.**

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