Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wedensday's Sports Conditioning Class: Getting Easier

I am still way at the back of this class, but I am not skipping my reps, nor am I feeling like road kill after I finish the class. The off-day on Tuesday really helped. I felt rested and didn't wear down as fast as I had in the past. I was able to actually talk to other people in the class while I was running the stairs for the second week in a row. In the past, gasping was a challenge! All of the one legged squats that Have been doing with the strap have really begun to payoff. last week I could hardly do the one legged squats, but this week the first ten on each leg were not that hard. The second to still sucked but progress is progress!

Today's Workout:

A wide variety of abdominal totaling around 300 to 500 reps: (here are a few that stood out)
standard crunches: 50
bicycles: 50
vertical leg crunch: 50
crossover crunch: 25 each leg
half curl: 30

Main Workout:

back extensions: 20
forearm break down push & standard pushup: 10 each
fire hydrants: 25 each leg
8 flights of stairs and 4 laps around the track
resistance bands - standing biceps curls: 25
dips 15
incline pushups 10
walking lunges across the width of two basketball courts
squats 40
jump rope 50 skips
roman chair 1 min.
suicide down the gym
15 dips
10 incline & decline push-ups
one legged calf raises 20 each leg
side shuffles the width of two b-ball courts (down & back)
2 flights of stairs 10 leg raises on every other step
2 laps around the track
walking lunges across the width of two basketball courts
leg raises 20 each leg
jump squats 40
jump rope 150 skips
one legged raises 10 (each leg) **sit on a chair, or a bench and try to stand up using only one leg.**

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