Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday: Runnin' and Ropin'

I recently ordered an interval timer to help me with my workouts and today was the first time that I used it. My neck and shoulder are feeling better after resting yesterday, but I did not want to try too many things at one time and agitate my injury, so I decided that today I would only do some jump rope a tread mill: my phlegmatic workout. I used the interval timer while I was jumping rope, and it really helped me to maintain my pace. Also, I was no longer distracted by trying to keep an eye on the clock or count skips and was able to concentrate on the rope itself. I really felt that this workout was much more difficult than last week Rope & Run workout.

Today's Workout:

5 min Warm up
20 sec. High Knee skips 10 sec. rest: 10 rounds
1 Min. Skipping 15. sec rest: 15 rounds

Running (treadmill):
5 min. 4.0
10 mins. 6.0
5 min. 4.0
10 mins. 6.0

This marks a big change for me.  When I first started running (umm . . . walking briskly) on the treadmill my pace was snail like at best and my endurance was for crap.  As recently as Oct. I would have been totally gased after 30 mins. going between 3.2  and 5.4 and attempting anything before that would have been a joke.  Today's workout has really shown me that I am getting much stronger.

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