Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Plyometric Core 5:30 to 6:15am: Hell Day Arms

More often than not this class is more running and stairs than any other during the week, so I was not expecting today to be a Hell Day.  I really enjoyed the formt of this class. Dan (The Instructor) just wrote a list of exercises and the total number we were to do in 45 mins. 

Dan more than any other instructor will come up with a Hell Day that just focus in on one area and just really makes you feel it.  I of coure refer to these a Hell Days.  We were allowed to do them in any order and break down the sets however we liked. We just had to start with 5 laps and end with 5 laps. Everything else was up to us. I really like this style because I am working out with the group but still doing things how I like.

Todays Totals:

5 Laps
300 Crunches
300 Squats with weights (I used 8 lbs)
50 Chin-ups (assisted)
100 Push ups
200 Arm extensions (hold your arms out straight like your a T, clap your hands in front, then clap over head. That is one.
100 Triceps extensions with weights 8lbs
5 laps

I began with the push-ups and chin-ups because I knew they would be difficult for me. I began the chin-ups with less assistance but hat to increase the amount as I progressed. I did 50 crunchs in between the sets of chin-ups and push-ups as my arms started getting tired. I didn't move from from these three exercise until I finished the Chin-ups. I then interspersed the remaining push-ups and cruchs with the other exercise. I was not able to finish everything in 45mins, but I did finish in well under an hour.

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