Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day's Phlegmatic Workout

Recently, I felt all out of sorts. My guess is that I just sick of winter and snow. It snowed again in Raleigh on Friday night, which is just another waste of snow. I don't want snow here unless it is going to get me out of work. That is the bottom line. I have on desire to "play" in the snow, and all of this dry winter air has eyes dry and itchy as hell, and my moods all out of whack. I think that my Houmors are unbalanced. Yes. I know that I am getting all old school geek on ya, but you know whatever floats you boat. I won't say a word when you talk about needing to adjust your Xanax dosage, and you leave me alone when I try to "void the body of the imbalanced humor."

You see according to ancient doctors the body contained four humors, which need to be in balance for a person to be health:

Earth: black bile
Air: blood
Fire: yellow bile
Water: phlegm.

These humors also match the seasons, so it is easy for our body's to get out of balance when we are in the middle of one of those seasons:

•Autumn: black bile
•Spring: blood
•Winter: phlegm
•Summer: yellow bile.

This being winter that would make me more than likely Phlegmatic

•Too much Earth: Melancholic
•Too much Air: Sanguine
•Too much Fire: Choleric
•Too much Water: Phlegmatic

And you see an ancient doctor did not really have a long list of mood altering pharmaceuticals at the tips of his fingers, he would normally proscribe a change in the patients diet and exercise or he would breakout the leeches and bleed them.

So to recap: It is winter, which sucks. I feel out of sorts, still have a crick in my neck, dry eyes, and moody. And my co-pay is a bitich I don't want to go on the meds. A good bloodletting might be in order, but instead of breaking out the leeches, I think that I might just make a donation to the Red Cross, but I am not sure that that will sort me out because my guess is that I am Phlegmatic and as everyone knows bloodletting is better when in the spring when you are Sanguine. Therefore today’s should be designed to sweat out all of that excess water that is in my system. I need to get that phlegm from inside my body where it has collected (probably in my neck and shoulder area causing my crick) to the surface where it can do some good and moisten my skin and peepers!

Today's PHLEGMATIC sweat producing workout:

30 mins. Jump rope
30 mins. Treadmill 5 mins @ 4.0, 10 mins @ 6.0, 5 mins @ 4.0, 10 mins @ 6.0
10 mins. in the steam room

This was a great sweat producing workout. And to answer the question in everyone’s mind: Yes, I do feel less Phlegmatic and better in general. Now, I am not sure if I have sweat enough to get the crick out of my neck yet, but we will see. Hopefully, I can keep my Houmors in balance and avoid the leeches.

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