Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Workout Waffle

I could not make up my mind today about going to the gym. I had my mind set on going last night, but I stayed up too late and knew that I was not fond of the substitute instructor slated to fill in for Dan (I don't dislike her as a person, but I don't like her class. It just seems like a lot of basketball drills to me, and I loathe basketball). So, this morning as my alarms started to go off, I decided that I needed another day off to sort out my neck. Now, I knew that I was just making excuses because I didn't want to go and had I said that I didn't like the instructor and left it at that, I could have accepted things the way they were. But, I knew this was BS, and it was eating at me all day. So around 3:30 I made up my mind to go to the gym after work. Then I spent all of the next 90 minutes changing my mind back and forth. Heck, even after I was home changed, nipples Band Aided and everything; I still changed my mind two more time before I forced myself out the door. I figured that if I stayed I might drive my wife crazy and force her to stab me with her some form of cooking utensil. Once I got to the gym, I had no problems going about my workout and actually enjoyed it a lot.

Today's Workout
Jump Rope: 15 rounds, 90 seconds of skipping & 15 seconds of rest.

Interval Run Around the Track: 10 rounds, 30 seconds of running & 15 seconds of jogging.

I think that my interval time is really making me push myself more than what I had been doing. I really enjoy it a lot. I do plan to work out without it some as well, but I know that it will be a fixture of my upcoming workouts. I listened to a story about interval workouts last summer that I thought was interesting at the time but didn't really take to heart that much, but I went back and listened to it today and thought that it would be good to share, so I have linked it to this post. I'm also including an article from Men's Health that gives a overview of why interval training is so effective and some sample workouts.

men's health article
Interval Training NPR story


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