Monday, February 15, 2010

Mon. Sports Conditioning: Nat'l Run Day

Today's Sports Conditioning instructor was Bryan, and the thing that you have to know about Byan is that his classes are very run intensive. Also, Bryan in a kickboxing instructor, so he does a lot of alternative training things like crawling. I can't frickin' stand crawling am not a fan of crawling. I am pretty comfortable with the present course of human evolution:

Crawling is just not my thing. Now, I really enjoyed the non-crawling portions of Bryan's class and glad to see that he had PHLEGMATIC sweat producing workout in mind today as well.

Today's Workout was not the type that was easy to track, so here is are the basics:

5 laps in the gym
Warm up:
Jumping jacks
8 point push ups (kind of like a burpee, but you speard you legswhile your in the plank postion, then move them back together, then do the push up.)

Main Workout:

Walking lunges
Jog (forward and backward)
High knees
Line Jumps (the class lines up and the last person at the goes down the line high-fiving the whole class in a wave like fashion)

Hops across the B-ball court
Crawls: Spiderman & Bear
Side shuffles, backward runs, running and shuffling, ect.
2 laps around the gym
5 Bldg. laps (down the stairs, though the bldg., back up two flights of stairs, around the track, repeat)
Rope ladder drills ( high knees, Ali shuffle, ect.)
Incline push ups & dips
Punching the heavy bag
Leg Raises
2 laps around the gym
Walking planks
Jumping lunges
Jump squats
Incline push ups

Class time: 60 mins.
This class was really more difficult than it should have been. It made me realize that I need to take a day off, so tomorrow will be an off-day.

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