Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday is an Off Day & Sweet Tooth Article

Instead of just writing about my workout only. I also plan to start righting about all things health related that strike my fancy. Tuesday was my off-day. I had been on and eight day gym rush and really needed a day to let my body heal and build new muscle. I often struggle with my off-days because I don't like to miss the gym and I often wait longer than I should to take a day off. Friday's were my initial off-day until I started taking circuit class on Friday. Now, I try no to plan an off day but use the days that I oversleep as the day I skip. However, this isn't really effective because my body need at least one day of rest at least once a week, and I don't oversleep that often. Tuesday's & Sunday's seem to be the best day to miss, because of the short gym hours on Sunday and the lack of a great class on Tuesday. But, I'll just have to wait and see how I do next week.

Off-days are always a problem because I feel like I have too much time on my hands. I find myself snacking more and craving sweets in order to stimulate my mind. This has been a major issue for me for most of my life. Food and boredom have always been linked for me. If I could not find something to do, then I would eat to pass the time. The same is true for me now. If I am having a slow day at work, I find myself standing in front of the vending machine much more often. Recently, my snacking has dropped off significantly, and I attribute that drop off to this Blog and some other small project that I have recently started. The article below is something that I stumbled across today and thought was pretty interesting.

Study Links Children's Sweet Tooth to Alcoholism, Depression - AOL News

There has never been a history of Alcoholism in my family, so I am not interested in speaking to that portion of the article. However, depression has been a major issue in my family along with issues with weight, and I really see these things as clearly related. I know that depression issues lead to both over-eating and poor eating habits in general, which more often than not leads to weight gain, poor self image, and a lack of self respect (some people might think that self respect and self image are the same thing, but I don't . . . at least not always). I have seen and experienced this relationship and cycle firsthand and know just how crippling it can be.

This article interested me because it was focused upon children and not adults, and considering all of the talk about childhood obesity these days, the article provides somemore insight into a subject that should be of great concern.

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