Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday Two-a-day: AM Plycore & PM Circuit Class

Recently, I have felt like I needed to push myself harder than what I have been. My morning classes are getting less difficult, and I am not seeing the weight loss results that I want to see.  I really don't want to see my workouts turn into the equivalent of time spent on a Human Hamster Wheel, basically a whole lot of effort that gets me nowhere near where I want to be. I felt like that before I started taking the morning classes, so I am really worried that I may fall back into that pattern again. I know that I am still at the tail end of most of my classes, but they are not leaving me exhausted like they once did. This morning's Plycore class a very good, but as the day went on I got the idea that I would take the afternoon Circuit class that is supposed to be the most difficult class offered at the Y because I just felt as though I needed to do more. I was actually a little scared when I entered the room, but the class was not as bad as I thought. I was really afraid that I would be so tired that I would not be able to do the work, but I found that I had a lot more energy than I expected.  I think that my body was still energized from this morning's class.  The afteroon class is taught by Teresa, who teaches the Weds. Morning Sports Conditioning class, which I have nicknamed the Atonement Class.

This new class was difficult, but it was not the type of class that really wipes me out. The Circuit class takes place in the aerobics room and does not involve any running, jumping, or stairs. It is more weights and resistance work, which is not as difficult for me as lots of running or stairs. Unfortunately, since this was my first time to take the class it is really pointless for me to attempt to give a detailed account of the workload because I was concentrating too much on just keeping up with the class and maintaining the proper form. We did a lot of abs, push ups, arm exercises with weights, resistance bands, and step ups, and most of the rep counts were between 25-50. Also, we seemed to focus a lot on our hip flexors, which I have come to realize is often over looked by many people when the begin working out. I think that this is a very big mistake and plan to write a post about its importance.

I felt really good after my afternoon workout, and it showed me that there is enough energy in the tank for me to do more. I need to push myself and because complacency will kill your fitness progress faster than any dietary indiscretion ever could. It will be hard for me to make this Thursday afternoon class a fixture of my workout regiment because of work. I am hopeful that once the whether changes and the days get longer that I will be able to do more things outside.

Below is the morning workout that I did.

Today's AM Workout

2 Laps warm up

5 Chin ups
20 Push Ups
15 Lunges each leg w/10lbs weights
5 Squat Jumps
34 Wall Crunches: lay down on you back, butt and legs pressed flat against the wall, lift your arms straight in the air with 10lbs. weights and bend at the waist.
33 Wall Crunches: lay down on you back, butt and legs pressed flat against the wall, lift your arms at an angel towards your knees and bend at the waist until you touch the wall.
33 Wall Crunches: lay down on you back, butt and legs pressed flat against the wall, extend your arms towards your hips and bend at the waist until you touch the wall
6 Flights of Stairs
5 Box Jumps
2 Laps

I completed three rounds in 40 mins.

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