Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time to Give February the Big Kiss Off!

I thought that for my last workout of February that I would try to really work on some exercises that I thought that I had struggled with some recently.  Also, I wanted to use my interval timer because I plan to take classes most of this week, so I would get a chance to use it again until next weekend.  I did two set of intervals and ran for forty minutes.  Also, I wanted to focus upon my abs because I don't think that the wall abs that we have been doing in the Plycore classes are that effective.  Therefore, I wanted to really work my abs today.

Round 1: 1 min. for each exercise followed by 15 sec. rest

1. Crossover Crunch Left
2. Crossover Crunch Right
3. Standard Crunch
4. Bird Dogs
5. Fire Hydrants w/ leg extension left leg
6. Fire Hydrants w/ leg extension right leg
7. Heel Raises with 10 lbs. weights
8. Squats with 10lbs weight.
9. Alternating Lunges with 10lbs weight.
10. Prisoner Squats with leg ups
11. Triceps Extensions with 10lbs. weights
12. Bicycles
13. Russian twists with 8lbs. ball
14. Mt. Climbers
15. Calf raises left
16. Calf raises right

Round 2: 1 min. for each exercise followed by 15 sec. rest
  1. Burpees w/push up
  2. Mt. Climbers
  3. Crossover Crunch Left
  4. Crossover Crunch Right
  5. Standard Crunch
  6. Burpees w/push up
  7. Mt. Climbers
  8. Crossover Crunch Left
  9. Crossover Crunch Right
  10. Standard Crunch
  11. Burpees w/push up
  12. Mt. Climbers
  13. Crossover Crunch Left
  14. Crossover Crunch Right
  15. Standard Crunch
Treadmill altenating between 4.0 and 6.0 every 5 mins. for 40 mins. total.

This was a pretty good workout that worked my calfs, abs, and shoulders.  I am planning to wrok my abs a lot more in March and do burpees & Mt. climbers more often because I hate them.  I am pretty proud of the work I have done this month, and I think that keeping this blog has helped me stay focused upon what I am doing and how I am doing it.  It really makes me think about my workouts and then change what is not working while building upon the things that are working.  I just hope that March will be better weather and I can start doing more things outdoors as well as the in the gym.

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