Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interval Test I

Today, I decided to do two things for the first time:

One: Band Aid my nipples for the first time because jogger's nipple is a bitich not something to laugh about.

Two: Use my interval timer to make an interval test for myself. I've no idea why I thought this would be fun, but I did, and it wasn't! The time is a heartless F@#&! And, the damn thing just won't stop beeping at me. However, I can tell that my workouts are much improved by it. Anyway . . .

The Test: 15 different exercises. One min. for each exercise. 15 second break between exercises to write down results and move to next exercise. Two round and then compare.

Exercises                                         Round 1           Round2
pushups                                           28                    29
dips                                                 44                    54
burpees                                             9                      8
mt. climbers                                     28                    27
prisoner squats                                13                    13
crunches                                         46                     52
arm extensions                                25                     25
leg raises (both legs)                       12                     11
bicycles                                          36                     27
alternating lunges                             13                     14
hamstring curls w/ball                      19                      21
fire hydrants (both legs)                   14                     15
seated crunches                               45                     52
heal raises                                        86                    102
squats                                             38                      42

I want to work on increasing the total number of burpees, and I would like to see less of a drop off in the bicycles total between rounds, but this is a good starting point for my first interval test.  I am not sure how often I will do these, but I know that I will swap out the exercises as I go.

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