Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday's Smattering

Today I wanted to do a smattering of exercises, and I knew that I would get bored easily, which is why I did not do any repeat sets. My neck still has a slight crick in it which is pretty annoying and why I didn’t do more running. I had planned to do more laps, but had to stop after just 5 because my neck wasn’t feeling right. I was in a much better mood than yesterday, so I was able to enjoy this workout. I added in some new exercises like the Captain’s chair, Russian twists, cross over crunches and the Stability Ball hamstring curls. I think that the Stability Ball hamstring curls will be incorporated into my workout more often. Hamstrings are a problem are a problem are for most people, myself included, and I thought that this exercise was pretty effective at working my hamstrings. I have not done Bird Dogs for a while, so they seem like a good choice for today. I also really enjoyed the cross over crunches as a way to work the obliques, which I had not really set out to focus on today, but ended up doing so. I would suggest that everyone study up on the Russian Twists before trying them. Theay are a very common sight in the gym, but few people know the right way to do them. The girl in the video that I provided is kind of annoying and named Chrissy which is hard to stomach, but she seems to know what she is talking about.

Today's Workout:

5 laps around the track (1/3 of a mile)
20 leg lifts on the captain’s chair
10 assisted chin ups
10 one legged squats each leg
25 dips
10 forearm breakdown & push ups
25 fire hydrants with leg extension (each side)
25 bird dogs (each side)
50 standard crunches
50 arm extensions
25 prisoner squats with knee ups
50 crossover mt. climbers
25 oblique crunches w/leg raise (each side)
25 Russian twists with an 8lb ball
25 seated crunches
50 cross over crunches (each side)
25 stability ball hamstring curls
20 flights of stairs (up & down)
25 bicycles

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I am tempted to make the love handles the focus of tomorrow’s workout, but that might just be too lame. We’ll see.

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